Assassin's Creed: Memories

The tales of Ezio and Altair are over, but a new generation of Assassins has to rise to defeat the new Templars. Can they reclaim their ancestor's memories and save the future world from disaster?
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Most Needed: Templars | Current Mission: End of the World | Winning Side: Assassins

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 Sky Perilloux

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PostSubject: Sky Perilloux   Sat Sep 17, 2011 4:37 am

The Animus speaks in a feminine but robotic voice.
"Please enter your real name and tell me your information so we can find your ancestor's memories..."

Name: Sky Perilloux
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Alliance: Thief
Short History: Sky lived on the streets of a large city; her mother had been kicked out of her family's home after falling pregnant. The father disappeared without a trace after hearing of the pregnancy. Sky was born in a backstreet clinic, and due to the bad practise her mother did not survive the birth. For seven years Sky lived in a rundown orphanage, before she ran away to make her own way in life. On the streets she was taken in by a thief's gang, and learned to pickpocket, sneak and steal her way through life.

When you are done, she continues.
"System failure. Unable to retrieve memories. Please enter a description of your ancestor."

Ancestor's Name: Ceserine Messilini
Ancestor's Age: 18
Ancestor's Gender: Female
Ancestor's Alliance: Thief
Ancestor's Appearance:
Ancestor's Short History: Being born into a rich family, Ceserine had always been expected to do nothing more than marry well and bring fortune and social status to the family. However, when she was seven, she had met a little older than herself, and the two of them had become fast friends. It turned out that he was an apprentice assassin, and he taught Ceserine how to fight, use knives and swords and, of course, how to sneak and steal. When she heard of her parents plans to marry her off to a rich fifty-year-old man at the tender age of fourteen, Ceserine left the household without a trace, and used the skill's she'd learnt to survive on her own on the streets.

"Information accepted. Welcome to the Animus. Sit back and enjoy the ride, but please read the instruction if you need assistance."
The machine boots into life, transporting you to the world of assassins...
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Sky Perilloux
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