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The tales of Ezio and Altair are over, but a new generation of Assassins has to rise to defeat the new Templars. Can they reclaim their ancestor's memories and save the future world from disaster?
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 Thief Contract 1

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PostSubject: Thief Contract 1   Mon Sep 19, 2011 12:28 am

Contract 1 - Enter the Sewers
Type: Battle
Words Required: 1000
Reward: 250 Florins
Task: The dark sewers under Venice are open for habitation. The locals don't seem too happy about having our kind there, but where else are we going to go? Eliminate the rats, mice and any beggars you see in the area. This place will soon be available for Rogues and Thieves alike!

Ceserine Messilini walked through the streets of Venice with her head covered and her cloak drawn tightly around herself, hiding her dark, flowing hair and elegant clothing. The city was as beautiful at night as it was by day, with the canals and waterways snaking through the city and splitting it into different sections, each one full of different places, people, sights and smells (although the whole city smelt pretty badly anyway, especially in the hot summer months, when the stench of the city rose like a miasmus cloud and spread everywhere, coating everyone in its reek and making breathing a task akin to suffocating oneself). It meant that just walking across a bridge could seemingly transport you to a whole new place, with different rules and attitudes, even though you were still technically in the same place. It was what had conviced Ceserine to stay in that city, after having spent a fair while moving from place to place after leaving her family home. 

Although she had always been treated well by her family, Ceserine had never felt content. She had two older brothers who were her father's pride and joy, helping to run the family business and bringing honour and prestige to the family. For as long as she could remember, Ceserine had known that the only way she could make her father as proud of her as he was of her brothers was for her to strike a good match with a member of high social standing, bringing her family strong business connections and an honourable new man for her father to talk to over his papers. For many years, Cesrine was happy with this role, glad to know that by walking straight, and curtseying properly and speaking only when spoken to, she was meeting the expectations of her family, and making her elusive father proud of her. However, one day, nearing her seventh birthday, she had gone shopping with her mother, oohing and aahing over expensive fabrics, whilst her oldest brother escorted them and took care of the money, and a servant carried all things that were bought, when she had become seperated in the crowd. For hours she wandered through Rome - the city her family had always inhabited, with a large house just outside the walls of the city and a 'small' townhouse in the richer part of the city, with no idea of where she was or where she was going. She ended up sitting against the wall of a dark, narrow, smelly alleyway, curled up against the cold with her cloak wrapped tightly around her. It had become rather dark rather quickly, and the cold had begun to settle in. She was just starting to drift into an uneasy sleep when she thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye. It was when she deflected the knife thrown at her with a discarded piece of piping from the ground next to her that she met the assassin's apprentice. He had been bored, and out for a late walk, and decided to test his newly learnt skills with throwing knives on what he thought to be a disheveled vagrant. The fact that she managed to block his knife impressed him. The fact she hit him over the head and told him to back off - surprisingly, in a very graceful manner - when he tried to take her fine cloak from her made him respect her. She became good friends with that boy, who led her home that very night, sneaking out of her house to meet him down dark alleyways and side-streets. He was the one who taught her how to steal, and experience taught her how to sneak. Then he introduced her to throwing knives and small daggers, teaching her to have good aim and timing, and to move fluently and fluidly. But, one night, he wasn't at there usual meeting spot. In fact, he was nowhere to be found. Ceserine spent the night wandering through the city of Rome, not lost or scared, but worried. Eventually, she made it to the alleyway where they had first met, sitting in the same place she had been when she had not known her way home, and thought about it; she realised that it have been inevitable. If he was an assassins apprentice, sooner or later she'd have had to be either discarded or killed, because she would become a liability to him. With that knowledge, she returned home, but kept the habit of sneaking out every night, practising to use knives and dagger, and stealing. When her parents decided to marry her off to a rich man over twice her age, she realised that their approval didn't matter to her anymore, and when she snuck out that night, she never returned.

And that led to her current situation. For four years she had lived with The French Man, who she had struck up an easy deal with. She spied and stole for him, and he gave her food, shelter and the fine clothes she always wore. It was from him that she had picked up an easy french accent and the basics of the other language. It made it easier for her to pretend she was someone else, should people be suspicious of her due to her rich clothes and elegant poise. Unfortunately, The French Man had been arrested not too long ago, and Ceserine did not have any loyalty to him, and so wasn't even going to consider going to bail or bust him out of prison. However, his house was being watched which, whilst not stopping her from sneaking in and collecting her belongings, made living there any longer a bit awkward. So she needed a new place to live.

She walked over one bridge, nose automatically wrinkling under her hood, and made her was through the crowd. Courtesons and whores littered the streets, the smell of cheap purfume trying to hide the stench of bodies pressed together, and the loud jolly music trying to hide the other sounds of the area. Ceserine made her way silently through it all, slipping into a side-street where she found what she was looking for. The grate was set low in the wall, and the smell coming from it was far from appealing, but it swung up silently on well-oiled hinges, allowing the young woman to slip in with her cloak making a swishing sound behind her. Sliding down the ladder, she made her way down into the sewers in the dark, exploring its many tunnels. Eventually she came to a sizable cavern.

"This will do..."

[1106 Words]
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PostSubject: Re: Thief Contract 1   Mon Sep 19, 2011 12:29 am

Memory Loaded!

250 Florins gained.


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Thief Contract 1
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