Assassin's Creed: Memories

The tales of Ezio and Altair are over, but a new generation of Assassins has to rise to defeat the new Templars. Can they reclaim their ancestor's memories and save the future world from disaster?
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Most Needed: Templars | Current Mission: End of the World | Winning Side: Assassins

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 Maxwell Scott

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PostSubject: Maxwell Scott   Sat Sep 24, 2011 1:51 pm

The Animus speaks in a feminine but robotic voice.
"Please enter your real name and tell me your information so we can find your ancestor's memories..."


Name: Maxwell Scott
Alias: Max (Informal) Maxwell (Formal)
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Alliance: Assassin
Short History: I was born in New York, in the hood. I may have been born there but with how I act you wouldn't be able to tell. I do use lingo you'd often hear in the hood but I'm more polite and have a brighter future. I am studying to be a lawyer, or a doctor. My studies were soon put on hold by the age of 17 as I was taken away to a small farm in Indiana. There I was trained to be an assassin. My training took away everything that was precious to me. After his training I bought my own home it was a great veiw of the Ohio hills/mountians. I lived there untill I was offered to come to the animus program.

When you are done, she continues.
"System failure. Unable to retrieve memories. Please enter a description of your ancestor."


Ancestor's Name: Ladislao Amelio Da Roma
Ancestor's Age: 23
Ancestor's Gender: Male
Ancestor's Alliance: Assassin
Ancestor's Appearance:
Ancestor's Short History: Ladislao was born a Roma. There he lived among the theives with his mother. He was taught certain skills that would help him survive. These skills included pickpocketing, blending, and of course parkour. When he was fully tought these techniques he was only ten years old. His mother took them to Spain where they lived in refuge from an unkown conspiracy. When they returned 2 years later Roma was in disorder and chaos. He learned of the plot against his mother as he was aproached five years later by a man who attacked him. He escapd to the theives guild where his teacher and his mother lay dead and the place be in chaos. The place was on fire, and everyone was dead except one survivor. A man in white robes weilding strange blades attached to his hands. Ladislao followed him to the Assassin's guild, the man had not known and he led him into the guild. He was soon found out and attacked, he was taken down quite easily, but they let him go when he started asking questions. He todl them of his mother and his master, they soon told him of his origins. He was an assassin and his mother was as well. His father however was a templar, but his love for his mother kept him from killing her. He was soon trained and then he was accepted into the brotherhood. He carried out all of his missions his whole life untill he was assassinated in his sleep at an old age of 73.

"Information accepted. Welcome to the Animus. Sit back and enjoy the ride, but please read the instruction manuals if you need assistance."
The machine boots into life, transporting you to the world of assassins...
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PostSubject: Re: Maxwell Scott   Sat Sep 24, 2011 7:05 pm




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Maxwell Scott
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