Assassin's Creed: Memories

The tales of Ezio and Altair are over, but a new generation of Assassins has to rise to defeat the new Templars. Can they reclaim their ancestor's memories and save the future world from disaster?
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Most Needed: Templars | Current Mission: End of the World | Winning Side: Assassins

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PostSubject: Fritz   Sat Jul 16, 2011 5:59 am

The Animus speaks in a feminine but robotic voice.
"Please enter your real name and tell me your information so we can find your ancestor's memories..."

Name: Trevor Emden
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Alliance: Assassin
Appearance: A young white, blond haired, blue eyed teen, at the height 5'11”. Who has a build that has a moderate amount of muscle to it.
Short History: He was a young boy who was kidnapped off the streets of Cologne, Germany. After his kidnapping he was forced to work by the Templars. Five years of harsh work and torture, he ended the torture by his captors by slitting each and everyone of their throats; then he escaped only a few weeks after he turned 17. He only found fragments of information on one of his ancestors before his escape, and that he has blood from the assassins, and the blood of a traitor to the templars; it caught his eye as interesting, and now searches for that vital information, and all of his ancestors secrets.

When you are done, she continues.
"System failure. Unable to retrieve memories. Please enter a description of your ancestor."

Ancestor's Name: Fritz A. "Allen" Emden
Ancestor's Age: 21
Ancestor's Gender: Male
Ancestor's Alliance: Assassin
Ancestor's Appearance: A young white, browned haired, blue eyed man, with a height of 6'1”. He has a small build that hides within it many muscles. Covered by a whitish gray hooded cloak.
Ancestor's Short History: He was a man that was born into a German family of assassins. Who shortly after years of training was told to head to Italy to assist his fellow assassins, with their fight against the templars. After that moment he made moved from his family's household in Germany to Italy ready to fight his family's enemy.

"Information accepted. Welcome to the Animus. Sit back and enjoy the ride, but please read the instruction manuals if you need assistance."
The machine boots into life, transporting you to the world of assassins...
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PostSubject: Re: Fritz   Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:05 am




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