Assassin's Creed: Memories

The tales of Ezio and Altair are over, but a new generation of Assassins has to rise to defeat the new Templars. Can they reclaim their ancestor's memories and save the future world from disaster?
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Most Needed: Templars | Current Mission: End of the World | Winning Side: Assassins

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 Henshin Heroes

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PostSubject: Henshin Heroes   Tue Jul 26, 2011 9:22 am

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The world is falling apart. Secret organizations vie to take over the entire world with satanic powers and devilish minions. Not so secret organizations that started out making toasters and blenders have moved on to creating weapons that can turn a single man into a powerful weapon. The governments of the world have begun to genetically engineer their soldiers and are preparing for all out war with which ever country snaps under the pressure first.

But within the mountain of deceit, death, moral decay and pure horror is a single shining light: Those who wield the powers of heaven against the forces of darkness, those who turn the weapons of war on threats to the universe, those who use the curses and gifts bestowed upon them in any of a myraid of ways to fight for good and not evil.

Given this power what would you do? Fight against the tyranny and evil that skulk in every corner of every soul? Or let your heart shine brighter and brighter and fight to save the world from the brink of death?

The fate of the world may rest on you ...
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Henshin Heroes
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